Monday, March 2, 2015

Looking for February

My last blog post was early January! What happened to February?? I guess because I was doing the same things over and over, there was no need to do a separate blog post for each. I was still in McIntosh, and I had lots of company. Here's a summary:

There were daily walks around McIntosh. This was a foggy morning.
There were always interesting subjects. 
Carol and Tina were there a long time. Carol stayed to drive me to my cataract surgeries. She was a real blessing to me during that time. It's hard for solo RVers to figure out the logistics of things like that.
 And we had walks with friends.
An intriguing object at a local antique shop.
There were many pretty sunrises.
 And several get togethers with fellow Rving friends: Judy, me, Tina, Carol, Irmi at Silver Springs.
 Several of us took a ride to check out future kayaking possibilities. this is Salt Springs.
Gloria and Tina checking out Newmans Lake.
 Silver Glen Springs
All visitors got a tour of local history…McIntosh, Micanopy, and this historic post office in Evinston. It is the oldest still operating Post Office in Florida.
 Tina and I flagged an airboat to ask about the kayak accessibility to Orange Lake from our campground. The Fish and Game officer offered to give us a ride to show us the channels.
Of course an airboat doesn't need channels.
 There was lots of kayaking going on with various friends. The Silver River was a favorite, done several times.

 Carol tried out my Hornbeck on Orange Lake.
I managed a short trip to Georgia where my granddaughter Rebecca just got her driver's license.
 And the weather cooperated for a nice hike along the Augusta Canal.
 My son-in-law, Tony, made me a beautiful sign for my RV.
 Sarah came to McIntosh and we spent a fun few days helping her shop for a new RV. No decision yet on that.
 Tina has a cousin in Crystal River which led to a trip to kayak with the manatees near Three Sisters Springs.
Finally it was time for us to travel to Hardee Lakes for an official Women RV Get-together and Dutch Oven Gathering. See you there in the next post.

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