Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Off the Eaten Path

I didn't make it up…Southern Living has a book out with that title. But it pretty much describes how we ate while in Charleston.
The book was for sale here…
 an interesting shop with all things southern.
 You can buy Carolina Gold Rice, pickles and preserves...
 Really hot sauce.
 Benne wafers are a local tradition.
 Many flavors of cider, but I bought some peach cider.
One of these orange marmalades has strawberries….probably the Confederate one.
This little deli was a great find.
 Inside we found local art on the walls.
 My BBQ pork sandwich went well with the "squash puppies." 
 And then there was dessert. Good down-home cooking.
 Not to be missed next door was is the Lucky Duck Distillery.
 Where making moonshine is legal.
 Nan tried a free sample of that corn licker.
 An article in the local newspaper about the young entrepreneur and his business.
Another good eatin' place was called Angel Oaks. I didn't take a picture of the small modest building. They used brown paper sheets for tablecloths and served beverages in mason jars. But the service and food was wonderful. We had shrimp and grits with fried green tomatoes.
Nan's cousin David took us to an out-of-the-way cafe run by a cousin.
Their tomato pie has been written up in Southern Living.
 Nan's only regret was that it was too small.
I had another local favorite…Fried chicken and waffles with peach chutney on top….a combination I never would have thought of, but it was very good.
Nan got some dessert to take home. 
 Next door to the Dixie Supply Bakery and Cafe, this amusing sign caught my eye.
 Then I noticed the restaurant sign.
We didn't eat here, but the oyster display in the window was noteworthy.
We did eat here. 
Where hundreds of celebrities, U.S. Presidents, and other politicians have also dined. There signed pictures decorate the walls.
And small plaques mark where they sat.
 So you could sit where Billy Joel sat if you want...
The appetizer was fried green tomatoes…a popular item in this town. My broiled fish was nothing to write about, and Nan had shrimp and grits again.
We wanted to eat at Jestine's Kitchen, but it was closed on Monday.
The menu in the window was very Southern country. You can read about Jestine here:
And her hours are very laid-back too.


  1. Thanks for sharing Liz, yall come back now!

    1. And thank you, David, for all you did to make this visit special.

  2. My goodness, you surely know how to find good places to eat.


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