Wednesday, April 1, 2015

On the Road Again in St. Mary's, Georgia

On the road again, woohoo! Traveling with Nan and Carol, our first stop out of Florida in St. Mary's, Georgia.  
 There are free-range chickens in the campground. They wander through the campsites making Thistle so excited he can't stop barking about it...
After settling in, we drove into the historic town of St. Mary's. We passed the ruins of a sugar mill on the way.
 Nan and Carol reading about the Tabby Ruins.
 Sugar mill ruins, built in 1825.
 Next we passed the Naval Submarine Base with the retired USS George Bancroft on display.
 A view of the salt flats with the St. Mary's River in the background.
 Riverfront park.
 Large buoy in the river provides rest for these cormorants.
Cumberland Island National Seashore Visitor Center. Tomorrow we will take a ferry from here to visit the island. I bought a Nevada Barr novel based on the island at the Visitor Center.
Found treasures: We took a detour at a sign pointing down a dead end street to find this historic marker. How interesting that southern pecans originated here, grown from nuts found floating in the sea.
 Old pecan tree.
Next adventure: Cumberland Island National Seashore.

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  1. Always glad to read your adventures, Lizzie.


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