Friday, November 20, 2015

On Ocean Pond

I'm on the road again, but not too far. I stopped to visit a friend who shared this beautiful location with me in the Osceola National Forest. I camped two nights to wait for a storm front to pass. My site by the boat ramp, but too windy before the storm to paddle.
But look what the storm blew in....robins, galore!
Wild turkeys too.
But the morning I planned to leave....look at the picture God painted for me.
That water was calling.
So Thistle and I went out for an early morning paddle before time to go.
Lots of people camp here to fish, but I was looking for birds.
Looking back toward the boat ramp.
Thistle is on the lookout...
Some of the campsites along the lake. This is a free National Forest of those hidden treasures. There is another campground on the other side of the lake that has more amenities and a fee.
This is my friend Chris's campsite. She posted a picture on Facebook that drew me here. We haven't met up in several years, so it was good to catch up.
As I was taking her picture, she was also taking mine! So I snatched it...thanks, Chris.
She has a great view from her site.
On we go...what's up ahead, Thistle?
A pretty Bufflehead! (On edit, my birding mentor, Birdie, has guided me to the correct's a Hooded Merganser! They have a similar head, and are just as cool to find.)
And some Coots.
A gorgeous Wood Duck!
There were two pair of Wood Duck, but my boat was bouncing too much to get another picture.
What else?
A Belted Kingfisher
A Great Blue Heron in a Cypress tree.
And finally, back by the boat ramp, an American Kestrel! I wasn't expecting him.
And now I am really back on the road again, somewhere in Georgia. Chris took this photo while I was hooking up the car. See you down the road!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I will be staying there in January and then again in February.


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