Friday, November 27, 2015

Family Thanksgiving at Unicoi State Park, GA

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with part of my family at Unicoi State Park in northern Georgia. Left to right: Daughter Jennifer, granddaughter Rebecca, me, granddaughter Ashley, and son-in-law Tony. Also with us were friends Dan, Celeste, and daughter Alexis.
I arrived a day early. This is Jennifer and Tony and friends getting set up in our "buddy site."
Ashley and Alexis setting up their portable Eno hammocks. 
Enoing is fun! 
After they were all set up we went for a hike around the lake. There are exercise stations along the way.
Rebecca and Celeste doing the Brown Thrasher. 
Need a laugh? Watch them on video:
 The girls brought their Eno hammocks with them.
Getting in them was a little trickier here. 
A little robin greeted us. 
 Doing the Turtle. 
Photo op: Rebecca with her momma. 
 Me and Thistle, Rebecca and Jennifer.
Tony and Jen 
This exercise looked like bowing Tony obliged to be the object of their worship. 
Sunset Thanksgiving eve. I've a lot to be thankful for.
Evening rays on the mountains that still show a little fall color. 
Hot dogs on the grill and a campfire. 
This Pileated Woodpecker was on my early morning hike with Thistle. 
After breakfast, while the turkey was cooking we all took a hike to Anna ruby Falls. 
Visitor Center for the falls which are in the adjoining Oconee National Forest. 
We didn't really need the hiking sticks...the trail was paved most of the way.
Jennifer and Rebecca checking out the spring water that seeps out of the ground here. 
The trail follows Smith Creek up to the falls. Lots of swift water flowing. 
A good place for selfies...Jennifer and Celeste. 
Selfies can get dangerous. Good thing they weren't standing on the edge of a cliff. 
Family photo on a stone bench. 
Rebecca's hair matches the fall leaves. You can get a glimpse of Anna Ruby Falls up ahead...the white streaks on the left.
Approaching the falls. 
About the two waterfalls and how they were named. 
 Smith Creek starts at the base of the waterfalls and flows about 550 miles into the Chattahoochee and Apalachicola Rivers to the Gulf of Mexico.
Many photo ops here. 
Some people like taking selfies...I like taking pictures of people taking selfies, lol. 

Tony, Ashley, and Rebecca 
 Alexis and Ashley
 Resting: Tony, Ashley, Alexis, Dan, Celeste, Rebecca, and Jennifer
 3546 gallons a minute or over 5 million gallons a day flow over the falls.
 During a major flood over 100 million gallons a day might flow.
I think this is the best waterfall of the year for me, in terms of water flow. 
 After the hike, the turkey was ready. Tony carved.
Crockpot Thanksgiving! Stuffing, gravy, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, sweet potato souffle, green bean casserole....and more. 

After all that food it was time for another hike. Jennifer, Celeste, and I skipped the nap and hiked a little ways on the Smith Creek Trail.
 Jennifer needed several potty stops along the way....
Fortunately there were convenient facilities in the woods. 

 Time to turn around...the sun is about to set below the mountain.
Unfortunately no gold was found in this sample that Celeste scooped from the creek. 
I'll leave you with the sights and sounds of the majestic Anna Ruby Falls.

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