Monday, December 7, 2015

Gruene, Texas on Market Day

Playing with my Texas friends in the historical town of Gruene (pronounced "green"): The play on words is noted in many places, including the "Gruene Beans" I had for lunch at the Gristmill Restaurant. 
I arrived in Texas Hill Country on Thursday, December 3rd, on a beautiful crisp day.
 Our get-together is on Canyon Lake, at Lake Pointe RV Resort. Thistle and I checked out the path to the kayak launch.
 Then I checked out the lake.
 The first few mornings were frosty,
 With pretty foggy sunrises over the lake.
But the days warmed up beautifully. There is a nice walking trail around the point.
 RVing friends Colleen, Birdie, and Diana arrived, and all the people and dogs got walked.
On Saturday we took a day trip to Gruene. It was Market Day...and a popular tourist destination.
We strolled through the vendor section, admiring all the arts and crafts.
 Then it was on to explore the historic town with German roots.
 The Post Office was there to hand cancel your mail. I didn't have my mail with me. The building behind the tent is one of the historic buildings in town.

 More history...not sure what this was.
 People sitting in front of the old Mercantile, being entertained by a couple of guitars and singers in the street.
 Gruene's Dance Hall is still in the entertainment business.

 Texas plates nailed to the floor in the entry.
 Inside the dance hall. Benches and tables are moved out of the way for dancing. A band was practicing for Saturday night's entertainment.
 Photo op by the stage: Birdie, me, Diana, Colleen.
 The walls were lined with photos of famous singers and entertainers who have performed here.

 The Saloon area...
 More performers...
 Continuing our walking tour...
 Now a Bed and Breakfast, once the town founder's home.
 About the town's founder, Henry D. Gruene:
 The memorial, commemorating the cattle drive and the gristmill mentioned on the historical plaque.
About the Mercantile:
 The old Mercantile building.
 The old gristmill/cotton gin burned in 1922, but a large restaurant was built around and incorporating the surviving brick walls. We had lunch here.

Upside down Christmas tree hanging inside the Gristmill Restaurant. can see parts of the remaining brick walls of the gristmill.
 Creative wood paneling on the walls.

 This is the view from the top floor overlooking other parts of the restaurant and the Guadalupe River below.

 These stairs lead down to the river.
 Walking through other parts of the restaurant...
 A stone fireplace graces each of the dining rooms.
 Outdoor seating...

Walking around another part of town...
 Notice the Texas Star in the sidewalk.

 Outdoor patio behind the Gruene River Grille.

 We browsed in a few shops.

 Texas humor.
 Interesting brickwork.
We went inside the General Store.
The floor:
 The crowds...
 I thought the concept of Bacon Soda was interesting, but since I have about given up both bacon and soda, I didn't try it.

 A large assortment of Texas themed Christmas ornaments...probably made in China, lol.
 This was unique...a Texas Cowboy Santa!
 For my biking friends...
 The hay bales were placed to separate vehicle traffic from pedestrian traffic. It was partly successful...
 Another interesting brick sidewalk.
 Which led to some interesting shops...
 The Tipsy Gypsy caught my attention...
I found her inside in a Tilt-a-Whirl.
 On the way back to the campground, we drove the River Road and saw some of the aftermath of recent bad floods here.
 Although it looks calm here, the river is still high and flowing fast, and much debris can still be seen hanging from the trees. Piles of tree limbs and other stuff are being bulldozed into piles for removal.
 But our flag still waves!
 When we got back, another RVing friend, Anita had arrived with her amazing Slingshot!
More of our get-together in the next post.

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