Thursday, December 10, 2015

Birding at Mitchell Lake Audubon Center

Birdie took Teresa and me birding at Mitchell Lake Audubon Center. It was a successful day with lots of cool finds. Near the Visitor's Center there were many birds around the feeders. This pretty female Cardinal was one.
It wasn't all birds: Teresa spotted this Banded Water Snake below a bridge on the way to the ponds.
 It was pretty big, but harmless.
Many species of waterfowl could be seen in the ponds.
And a few more reptiles too.
 Yellow-bellied slider on a log.
 This Ruddy Duck was pretty well camouflaged. 
 It was difficult to sort out all the ducks.
But the White Pelicans stood out. There were dabbling ducks and diving ducks...
 And flying ducks...
 A pair of Buffleheads
 The White Pelican was busy scooping up goodies.
 There was some discussion about whether this was a baby gator or a turtle.
 WE decided it was most likely the snout of a soft-shelled turtle like this one.
 Red-tailed Hawk
 And then I thought I spotted a wild pig...
 It showed itself to be a Bobcat find!
 He gave us several chances for photos before he disappeared.
 And he left his scent as he sprayed the nearby bushes.
Back to the ducks. There was a Redhead among some Scaup.
 Northern Shovelers
 Rafting up and swimming in circles to stir up the bottom.
 And a long line of White Pelicans.
 Jockeying for position...
 Incoming Pelican
 "Excuse me, I believe you are in my space..."
 "Move out of my way."
Thank you."
Teresa spied these Roseate Spoonbills, but they were too far to get a good photo.
 Turtle beach.
 Black-neck Stilts
This scene has several birds...can you find them? 
In the far tree are several Black-crowned Night Herons.
 On a branch below them sits this Belted Kingfisher.
 Near the water is another Night Heron and some turtles.
 In the foreground is a Spotted Sandpiper.
 Black-crowned Night Heron in flight.
 Great White Egrets in flight.
I think everybody's favorite was the Bobcat.


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