Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hornbeck Boats…The Perfect Fit

Here we are at Hornbeck Boats ("the lightest boat in the woods"), located in the small town of Olmstedville, NY. Nan is going to go through their "Perfect Fit Program" to find just the right boat for her.
After chatting with Justin about her needs and expectations we head for the test pond. Justin suggests the Hornbeck Classic because its wider beam gives it added stability. He watches her paddle and gives her tips on how to exit the boat with a modicum of grace.
 Nan checks out its portability. She's already in love.
 The decision is made. Nan checks out her soon-to-be new boat.
 Then she is measured for the footrests.
 Justin shows her how to mount the boat on her new car racks.
 And how to strap it down securely.
 My boat is a New Tricks. This sign explains the difference.
Nan is showing you her empty wallet, but she's not crying. She knows she has a quality product.
 And we wasted no time taking it to nearby Lake Minerva to try it out.
 Shoving off.
 The smile says it all.
 There were loons on the lake.
Nan's Perfect Fit….sweet.
 We camped overnight in the field across from Hornbeck's. Thistle appreciated this monument which seems to have been erected in his honor.
And now we have moved on to Massachusetts, and another small pond to paddle. 
 Want to watch Nan get out of the boat without getting wet? First you get close to shore.
 Then get on your knees,
 Stand up.
 And step out!
This picture was on the office wall at Hornbeck's. He knows his customers!


  1. Wonderful boats, excited to get mine in July.

    1. You won't regret it! I enjoyed your photos of Long Pond on your blog. I hope to get back to the Adirondacks later this summer to paddle some of those places.


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