Sunday, June 7, 2015

Exploring around Wells, Maine

We drove down to Wells Harbor to check out kayaking possibilities. We haven't done it yet, but probably will next week.
 Then we walked the trails at the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge.
 Canada Geese
 Salt water estuaries
 Pink Lady Slippers
 This hole was home to two baby Downy Woodpeckers.
 We watched awhile as Dad fed them.
On Saturday I decided to hike up Mt. Agamenticus in honor of National Hiking Day.
 I started out on the Ring Trail.
 Then took the Blueberry Bluff trail to the top.
 It was short but steep.
 View from the top toward the west.
 Mt. Agamenticus Lodge
Educational displays inside the lodge. 
Looking east you can see the ocean.
 And on a clearer day you can make out Mt. Washington and other mountains in the Presidential Range of the White Mts.
From there I drove to York to see the Nubble Lighthouse. It sits on a rocky island just off the coast.
Built in 1879.
I spent a long time there climbing over rocks and examining the tidal pools.

 Snails and mussels.

I watched the waves ebb and flow...
 Filling in the voids,
 And crashing on the rocks.
And much time was given to birding. This is a pair of Common Eider.
 There is a rookery on the island.
 Where cormorants are busy nest-building.
 Gulls are nesting too…on their own section of rock.
 I think the Eiders were just resting…I didn't see any nesting activity.
 The male Eider is very colorful.
 It was fun to watch the male cormorants bringing nesting material to the females.
 Sometimes there was a discussion about it.
 Checking out its worthiness.
 Ultimately she accepts it.
 And she decides where to place it in the nest.

 A tour boat circles the island.
 Do you think she'll like this leaf?
 Want to watch him deliver the leaf? Click on the video below.
Not a very good video, but it gives you an idea of all the activity going on in the rookery.

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