Friday, June 26, 2015

Cow Bay

This was our best free-camping site so far this trip. Cow Bay, Nova Scotia, just east of Halifax. It took some creative turning and Nan had to unhook her car, but once we got into place it was worth it. Nan found it on, and we talked to a Ranger here who confirmed it was ok to stay.
Commercial fishermen launch their boats from this same area, but they came in at high tide and left.
Across the road is a day-use only Provincial Park.
Once the fishermen cleared out, the afternoon's free entertainment arrived…Kite Boarders. It was interesting to watch his preparations. Here he is pumping up his kite. 
Then he dons a harness.
And carries his kite and board out into the shallow water in front of our campsite.
Soon he is zooming back and forth as the strong winds carry his kite.
By the look on his face, it must be exhilarating.
This is a man at least as old as me. He had more difficulty getting up and staying up...
But by golly, he was doing it!
This fellow is wearing a Go-Pro camera on his helmet. It would be fun to watch his video. I got some great video of them too, but it won't upload to the blog.
These two were pros.
They began doing tricks…jumps and flips. That's the video that won't upload…too bad.

A pretty young woman got in on the action too.

 Unfortunately, she wiped out early…but all was not lost. I saw her leave with one of the handsome young men.
When the show was over, the Willets came out.
They were fun to watch too.

 And then there was a pretty sunset which I actually stayed up to watch.
 In the morning the waters were calm as glass.
 And the morning critters became active.  Incoming Cormorant...
 A pair of Great Blue Herons.
 With some ducks.
 A pair of deer grazing on the opposite shore.
 We hated to leave, but a road construction crew set up right beside us to start filling potholes, and were going to be stopping traffic. We decided to get out while we could.
Tomorrow we are headed to the Cape Breton Highlands for more adventures.

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  1. Nice campsite and free no less. Can't beat that!


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