Friday, July 3, 2015

Alexander Graham Bell and Uisge Ban Falls

We found lots to see and do in the Bras D'Or Lake region of Cape Breton Highlands. In the town of Baddeck we visited the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site. If I ever knew, I had forgotten that he was from Nova Scotia. I always claimed him as American.
But indeed, most of his inventions that he is famous for were created here on the shores of Bras D'Or Lake.
The museum is just full of artifacts too numerous to mention. Some things I knew about, much more I never knew.
A little about his remarkable life.
All of his work was humanitarian in nature…his inventions thought of in order to help or improve on something.
During wartime, Bell considered how he could help the war effort. He created a "hydrodrome", a high-speed water craft that could chase enemy submarines.
He improved upon the Wright Brothers powered aircraft, producing the first plane ever to fly in Canada, in 1909.

A lighthouse and sailing craft in Baddeck.
Baddeck is proud of its Scottish heritage.

On our way back to our campground we saw a sign for a waterfall….so we followed it….down a country road.
To this park: Uisge Ban is Gaelic for White Water.
There's a hiking trail involved.
We were following a brook.
We passed many interesting trees whose roots spread over boulders.
At last we reached the multi-tiered waterfall. You can't see it all in one photo.
Uisge Ban Falls 
On the way back we passed some Shamrocks. I kept looking for leprechauns, but didn't find any. 
 Colorful fungi growing from a split, moss-covered log.
Tree hugging, or worn out?
That was one day.

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  1. Didn't know about Bell's being Canadian either. Very interesting post. Nice walk too.


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