Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Adirondacks

This plaque on the wall of my friend Soos' cabin says it all. Going to the mountains always feels like going home to me.
We camped in Soos' yard in the Adirondacks of New York.
Soos took us to "The Wild Center," a natural history museum of the Adirondacks.
Nan got "wild" right away.
Their recently opened Wild Walk exhibit is very popular and it was crowded. It's a great educational place to bring kids.
An elevated walkway gives you a bird's eye view of nature.
Bird feeders attracted a variety of birds. These are purple finches.
The kids loved this giant bouncy spider web.
The highest point was this Eagle nest, big enough to hold several people at once.
View of the Adirondack Mountains from the eagle's aerie.
This giant tree trunk/snag held lots of discoveries…a bear's den, squirrel's nest, a porcupine, to name a few. You reach it by crossing a suspension bridge.
Other trails led through the woods to observation points. 
Overlooking the marsh. 
There is also a fitness trail. Nan is walking a balance beam. 
Inside the museum are presentations…this is an American Kestrel. 
There were also live exhibits such as this otter habitat. The otters swam by so fast I could only get blurry pictures. 
Later we went to the town of Saranac Lake for a picnic lunch. Saranac Lake was known for its "tuberculosis cure cottages," some of which can be seen across the lake. The infirm would be bundled up and wheeled out on the porches in frigid weather to breathe the cold fresh air which was believed to heal those afflicted with tuberculosis.
Another day Nan and I took our Hornbeck "Lost Pond Boats" to one of the many Adirondack ponds they were built for. This is Buck Pond, not far from Soos' property.
We saw Bald Eagles. 
We paddled from Buck Pond to Rainbow Narrows, a body of water that leads to two other lakes if you have enough time. 
To get to Rainbow Narrows you pass under this old railroad bridge.

That's Nan coming through. 
Then you pass under a road. Several canoes are putting in by the bridge.
Lots of narrow coves to explore in this area. 
Nan showing off…just drifting along with no paddle needed. 
Lots of pretty lilies. 
Some dead trees along the side of a grassy island. 
Some of the paddlers stopped to enjoy this rope swing at a swimming hole. 
Another day and Soos took us on a drive. We stopped to explore High Falls Gorge, a narrow swiftwater section of the Ausable River.
Then we drove to the town of Lake Placid, site of the 1980 Winter Olympics, and site this week of the Ironman Triathlon.  Bikers are out practicing for the competition.
Soos' friend Richard was visiting too, and entertained us with some Bluegrass music.
And evenings brought some gorgeous sunsets.


  1. Looks like a great place to visit and hang. Great hostess, too! Fantastic photos!

  2. I love this blog entry, Liz! It reminds me how lucky I am to be able to spend summers up here each year.


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