Monday, August 3, 2015

Pennsylvania Get-together with RVing friends.

We camped at Shenango Lake Recreation Center with RVing friends Donna and Sharon. It was great to meet another forum friend (OSharon) and her two beautiful dogs. Donna on left and Sharon outside Sharon's RV.
Walking to the lake with Thistle, Mr. Doodle, and Lil' Rascal.
We sat above the boat ramp and watched all the boats coming in before dark. 
Mr. Doodle is a handsome gentleman. 
And so is Lil' Rascal. 
 Sharon and her Labradoodles.
Thistle watching the boats come in. 
This was the day of the Blue Moon, so I stayed up for that. 
Apparently Big Foot walks on the night of the Blue Moon.
Big Foot crossing the road. 
Breaking the fast with Nan's orange rolls and blueberry muffins. 
And Donna cooked us dinner…grilled hamburgers and other contributions.
I have moved on into Ohio…making my way to Ireland. Nan is still there awaiting repairs on her car and she and Donna will spend some more time together. Sharon went home to central PA on Sunday. We had a great time…these mini get-togethers are always fun.

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