Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lower Falls Trail…271 stairs, twice!

I followed the Gorge Overlook Trail from Upper Falls to the other end of the gorge and the hike down to Lower Falls
The trail to Lower Falls begins by way of the Long Tunnel.
And the first set of stairs leading into the gorge.
Exiting the tunnel with a sweeping view of cliffs.
Another set of stone steps carved into the cliff wall by the CCC. Gotta admire those boys.

Then a spiral metal staircase...
Looking down from the metal staircase you can see the steps continuing down as well as steps leading up to a side trip we will also take to Broken Rock Falls.
Through an overhang... 

And down to the bottom of the gorge.
That bridge over the creek links with Grandma Gatewood's Trail which continues on to Cedar Falls and Ash Cave, a total of about 6 miles. She was known for leading winter hikes on that trail every January.
And here we are at Lower Falls, a pretty place to be any season of the year.
Now we'll do the side trip to Broken Rock Falls. First climb back up the stairs to that level, then follow this trail along the side of the cliff.
Pretty sunbeams coming down.
More sets of steps...
Almost there...
And this is Broken Rock Falls…only a trickle of water coming down.
That was the end of the trail, so there's nothing to do but go back up the way we came down.
Up all the stairs, and...
Back through the tunnel.
That's the end of our tour of Old Man's Cave area. Next we'll explore and area of the park called Cantwell Cliffs, located about 15 miles from here. Yes, it's a big park.

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