Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Cantwell Cliffs

Cantwell Cliffs is located in the northern reaches of Hocking Hills, about 15 miles from the campground. It is a less visited area of the park due to its remote location, but no less picturesque.
Descending into the deep valley, the trail winds its way through narrow passageways caused by huge rocks that have fallen away from the main cliff.
The narrowest passage has been named, "Fat Woman's Squeeze."
 I guess if this fat man can make it through, I can too.

The passageway opens up to a view of a large rock shelter about halfway down the cliff face.
 The rock shelter itself is not part of the trail, and should be safely viewed from where I stand. All the people in this picture crossed over the chain barrier to explore the shelter. Notice the man on the right, just to the left of the tree.
 Some people take more risks than others.
The trail leads down to the valley floor.
Which is a lot like a tropical forest…hot, humid, and green. 
Fungi flourishes in this moist climate.
 I followed the yellow loop trail on the valley floor, then climbed up at point E to J and followed the red Rim Trail back.
Some views from the valley floor: fungi-covered log
 This rotting log almost looks like a small redwood tree.
The erosion caused by Buck Run accounts for the deep valley, steep cliffs, and rock shelter under the cliff.
 Millipedes like this area too…I saw a lot of them.
Ferns, moss, and fungi.
 This is the route we will follow back up to the rim.
 Another rock shelter.
 It appears we're nearing the top, but it's an illusion.
 The trail continues...

 The rim is up there.

 Another skinny stairway...

Views from the Rim Trail:
 The edge of a sheer cliff.
 Can you see the trail below?
 And back to the parking lot.
The next day I explored what became my favorite area I think, the Rock House, about six miles from the campground. See you there.

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