Friday, August 7, 2015

The Lorena Sternwheeler, Zanesville, Ohio

I decided to take a ride on the Lorena Sternwheeler which is moored at Zane's Landing Park in downtown Zanesville. It offers excursions on the Muskingum River.
The park is also the site of the Y-Bridge Arts Festival which was setting up today, so I had to park a couple blocks away.
 No problem, because friendly festival workers were shuttling people by golf cart to the park….not that I couldn't have walked.
The ride was only $7 for seniors and lasts an hour. This is the pilot house.
 Looking over the stern wheel towards the Y Bridge.
 Entertainment while we waited to get started. They were pulling these kids over their wake to give them a thrill...
And a spill.
 The ducks looked like they expected a handout.
 There were about 40 passengers when we left the dock….no reservations necessary…just walk up.
 And we're off.
 Somebody's cozy little fishing spot.
 Under a bridge.
 we saw some wildlife.
 Under the Interstate.
 The captain sounded his horn to greet other boaters.

 Mallards and a Great Blue Heron.
 I think he's eating a dead fish.
 Canada Geese.
 I was disappointed there was no live narration about the boat, the city, the history, the river, etc. 
 There was a recorded narration at the beginning of the ride, but the noise of the engines made it impossible to hear or understand.
 There were several factories discharging into the river.

 But I guess they had a permit to do that.

 We turned around here.
 There's a park and public boat ramp here.
 The old Zanesville Water Works on the right and modern Sewage Treatment Plant on the left.
 Funky tree roots.

 Another old factory.
 Here they come again. I wanted to tell them it's not safe to let the boy ride on the bow of the boat….and no life jacket!
 Back to the Y Bridge.
 A view of downtown Zanesville from the river.
 The Art Festival is almost ready to open. I saw pottery and paintings.
 This statue in the park honors 4 notable people from the Zanesville area. L to R: John McIntyre, son-in-law of Colonel Ebenezer Zane, who built his cabin on the river bank and set out to attract more settlers. Because of his success, Zanesville became the county seat, and later the temporary capital of Ohio. Next is Noah Norris, a black who won his freedom by serving in the Union Army during the Civil War. Seated is Zane Grey, great-grandson of Ebenezer Zane, and noted western author who grew up here. Finally is John Glenn, the first American to orbit the earth.
 McIntyre also organized the Zanesville Canal and Manufacturing Company which led to many industries along the river. I walked through this industrial section to go see the Y Bridge.
 Purina makes pet food here.
 Notice the plaque on the left front of this old building.
 It is the high water mark of the flood of 1913.
 More old commercial buildings.
 This is the canal that was built and a railroad bridge.

 There is a trail along the canal.
 The present Y bridge was built in 1984.
 You can't take the right side of the Y with a tall vehicle.
 Looking at the right side of the Y.
 Another view of the railroad bridge and more industries across the river.
 The left side of the Y.
 The trail next to the canal.
 About the Y bridge.

 A duck resting in the shade next to the canal.
 I didn't walk the whole trail to see the locks. It was hot and I wasn't carrying water.
 This is the top of the courthouse that McIntyre had built to serve as a Capitol Building in 1810.
Today it serves as the county courthouse.
 This picture is for Nan…the Masonic Lodge.

 The bottom floor of this old Grange Building is a popular restaurant where I had lunch.

 An artsy kind of place with tattooed waiters and waitresses with neon colored hair.
 But the food and service was very good.

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