Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Hike to Upper Falls at Old Man's Cave

Sunday Morning I left early to beat the crowds and arrived at Old Man's Cave Gorge just as the sun was filtering into the gorge.
I was the only one on the trail to Upper Falls for awhile.
The trail follows Old Man's Creek to where it enters the gorge. It was the force of the waters of this creek that formed the gorge and all the formations within it. Amazing, isn't it?
If the trail hadn't led me to it, I may not have even noticed this narrow stairway carved into the side of the cliff.

About Devil's Bathtub and why swimming and wading in the stream is prohibited.
Devil's Bathtub
The bridge over Devil's Bathtub.
More rock formations in the gorge.
And at last we come to the Upper Falls and the beginning of the gorge. At other times of the year more water flows over the falls, and in winter the waterfall freezes.
Looking down from the bridge at the top of the falls at the narrow place where the water falls into the gorge.
The stream that started it all.
From here I walked the Gorge Overlook Trail to the other end of the gorge to do the hike to Lower Falls. That will be a separate post because of very slow internet here.

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