Thursday, August 20, 2015

Conkle's Hollow

This is the last area of Hocking Hills that I visited. It is not actually part of the State Park, but is a State Nature Preserve in the same area.
This was the only trail where dogs are not allowed, but most of the trails were too strenuous for me to take Thistle anyway.
I took the Gorge Trail which is accessible part way, and saved the Rim Trail for another visit sometime. The two trails do not connect so I couldn't do them as a loop.
Accessible Gorge Trail at Conkle's Hollow.
Hemlock Trees grow here
About the hemlocks:
The creek...
Everything is very lush and green.
You are supposed to use your imagination to see the shape of a horse's head on the back wall of this small recess. I wasn't sure I saw a horse's head...
My imagination could make this rock formation into something, though.
The farther along the trail you go, the narrower the gorge gets as steep cliffs loom on either side.

A "slump block."

It remains pretty dark and shady along the trail, as sunlight struggles to reach the bottom of the narrow gorge.
Looking up...
This is the end of the paved accessible trail. A narrow trail continues to the end of the gorge.

Of course I continued on...

I passed several dry waterfalls.

A small recess cave.

Approaching the end of the gorge and the trail.

Where the creek flows into the gorge:

Turning back...

Sunbeams breaking through the foliage.

I've seen a lot of this butterfly-attracting bloom while in Ohio. I finally learned its' name here…"Joe-Pye Weed." It's in the sunflower family:
I highly recommend Hocking Hills State Park to anyone traveling through Ohio, especially if you like to hike.

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