Saturday, July 11, 2015

Prince Edward Island

Some random scenes from our drive around the east end of the island:
Lots of green and lots of water.
 A unique covered bridge under repair with what could have been a mill next to it.
 Charlottetown is the capital city of Prince Edward Island.
 We spent some time in this historic town with its original buildings in their original locations.
 Museum depicting their farming history.

 Stories in their own words:
 Using mud from the sea instead of manure for fertilizer:
 Mussel mud fork.
 Where potato is king.
 The hard life of a farmer's wife.
 Entering the village.
 The old school.
 Costumed interpreters…this teacher looked a little like Anne of Green Gables. I wonder if that was intentional?
 Inside the schoolhouse.
 Desk graffitti.
 Nan trying out the water pump.
 The general store and owner's house.
 The counters, shelves and floor are all original.
 The clerk demonstrates the old cash register.
 A Christening dress…one side for girls, the other side for boys…dual purpose.
 These "mourning brooches" held a lock of the deceased' hair and were worn for a year after the death.
 A better mousetrap…can catch 6 at once!
 You know how Nan is…can't pass up a hat.
 Upstairs bedroom in the living part of the house.
 Stove in the kitchen.
 Barns and other outbuildings complete with farm animals.
 In addition to the sheep and bunnies, there were horses, pigs, cows, chickens and geese.
 Church and cemetery.
 The blacksmith was making a hook for the children.
 Then the children were given a ride in the wagon.
 On down the road we saw some lighthouses.
 And farms by the sea.

 This is the light station that received the S.O.S. from the ship Titanic as it was sinking.
 Cape Bear Lighthouse.
 About the operator who was on duty when the distress signal was received.
 Cormorant statues overlook this harbor. We saw a lot of the real thing.
 A mural on a wall.
 It was a good day for making hay.
 Another seaside scene.

 Low tide
 Kayak lessons
 Seaside cottages
 Red sandstone cliffs and beach at PEI National Park where we were camping.
 Nice bike/hike trail along the coast.

 Rabbits in the campground kept a wary eye out for my "hunting" dog.
 One of the hiking trails.

 Sand dunes

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