Saturday, July 4, 2015

Beulach Ban Falls and Meat Cove

 I can't really call it a hiking trail, as Beulach Ban Waterfall is really only a short walk from the trailhead parking lot.
About the waterfall...

 Close up of the top.
 The trail continues for 6 miles past more waterfalls, but we were on our way to Meat Cove, a scenic drive to the northernmost community of Nova Scotia.
Views from the road to Meat Cove.

 The pavement ends and the potholes begin.

 The water is so clear you can see the lobster traps under the water.

 On the cliffs above the lobster pots an eagle awaits. Can you see it?
We have seen other eagles, but this is the first one that posed for a picture.

 Also flying in and out from the cliffs over the water are these Black Guillemots.
 Into the mountains…here and there is a section of paved road.
 At the end of the road in Meat Cove is a beautiful campground atop the cliffs….don't sleepwalk. I wouldn't drive my RV up here though until they finish paving the road.
A river falls into the sea.
 Can you imagine the night sky from here?
 There are several trails from here…tempting, but maybe next time.
 This one restaurant was good and had great WiFi. A simple menu with homemade food.
 On the way back this Ruffled Grouse crossed the road with about 6 babies.
 All the babies but one disappeared into the grass before I could take a picture.
 Back on the Cabot Trail we stopped for this short hike to a shepherd's hut.
 Map of the trail..
 The old growth forest.
 Baby maples.
 About the Scottish Immigrants...
 The Shepherd's Hut was very similar to the one we saw at Highland Village Museum.

 One end was for the animals.
 The other side had sleeping benches. The floor needs sweeping.

 The trail.

 We continued into the mountains on the route we will drive the RVs tomorrow.
 Easier to stop for the views in the car.

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