Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mt. Desert Island, Maine

We took a little ride, away from the tourist path of Acadia National Park.
We took a little hike to Beech Cliff for some great views.
 This hike is much easier than the one that comes straight up the face of the cliffs on the other side.
 Some colorful fungi.
 Nearing the top.
 Almost there...
 We made it! In the distance is Southwest Harbor.
 And below us is Echo Lake. You can see the swimming beach and kayakers.
 Just an old stump with interesting curves.
 We are on the Canada Cliffs Trail.
 A young couple and their pup enjoying the views.
 We found wild blueberries growing up there.
 We both gathered for a minute, but Nan kept right on filling her baggie while I walked on.
 More views from the cliff.

 Blueberry pancakes tomorrow morning!
 Southwest harbor.
 We drove out to Bass Harbor Lighthouse.
 Some facts about it:
 I watched this gull catch a crab in a tidal pool below the lighthouse. 
 The crab tried hard to escape, but was not successful.
 A bell buoy was gonging as a fog rolled in.
 The lighthouse is perched on a cliff. This view is from above.
 You can go down these steps for another view.
 Over some rock...
 And the lighthouse from below.
 As we drove through  the town we saw this sign about an upcoming Flamingo Festival...
Which helped explain why we were seeing flamingos everywhere…on lawns,
 In windows,
 Some people went a little overboard.
 So we went and had lobster for dinner.
After blueberry pancakes the next morning, we went kayaking on Somes Pond.
It was foggy.
 We saw a loon family.
A cabin on a little island.
Colorful floating leaves.
Scary tree monster following Nan.
Daddy loon showed up again. We could hear them calling…love that sound.
Ladder to a swimming hole.
 Colorful flowers along the edge of the pond. Purples,
 and pinks.
Reflections in the calm water.
 An osprey on the island.
Mama loon has a catch.
 I think it's a crab.
 She brings it to her baby.
 "You expect me to eat that?"
We still have one more day to play, so we'll see what we can get into tomorrow.

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  1. Looked like a beautiful, restful place to visit.


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