Thursday, June 25, 2015

Off the Beaten Path on Nova Scotia's South Shore

We drove the scenic coastal route to Liverpool, but then there were other interesting-looking smaller tracks to wander down, so we said, 
We met some interesting people along the way.
We stopped to take a picture of the folk art outside this mechanic's garage, and he invited us inside to see more.
Norman Veinott's art is created from recycled auto parts from his repair shop. His garage reminds me of Solomon's Castle in Florida…another artist who creates from recycled materials. He was happy to describe to us what parts he used for different works. He calls himself a Rebel Auto Artist.
Our next stop was the LeHave Bakery. You can arrive by land or water.
Time for a mid-morning cup of coffee and...

Just a scene from the road.
We found this beach on a side excursion. The residents of Broad Cove welcome you to enjoy the use of their beach and common lands…which means you can overnight here free in the spots available around this cove. They even put out a picnic table.
The beach at Broad Cove.
Bear Trap road runs along the left side of the beach.
Nan was driving and did not hesitate to take her little Honda Fit down this rustic track.
We saw Eider ducks and Loons.
Looking back at two churches across the cove.
There are some summer camps along the left side of the road.
Someone decorated this old burly tree.
Maybe for Halloween.
Cormorants drying their wings on a rock….and a tiny bit of blue sky on this cloudy day.
When we came to a place where water covered the road, Nan turned around.
Later we came upon this Snapping Turtle beside the road.
She was hard at work laying eggs in the loose gravel, so we left her to her task.
Some more views from the road.

In Liverpool we stopped at Canada's Country Music Hall of Fame, where Hank Snow is predominantly honored as this was his birthplace.
It is located in the old train station. 
Hank was singing his songs on this video as we toured the museum. 
There was a lot of memorabilia…much of it donated by his widow. 
We stopped for lunch in Liverpool….seafood chowder was excellent. I can't say the same about the fish cakes.
Murals on the buildings across the river depict Liverpool's shipbuilding and fishing heritage. 
I liked this sign outside a church. 
A boat in the harbor. 
A mural on the marina. 
Another nice beach in another small town. The sign said no camping here.
We drove through East and West Berlin, but we liked their former names better. 

Port Medley Lighthouse 
And we'll get some more tomorrow!

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