Friday, October 2, 2015

Arcola, Illinois, More Murals, Raggedy Ann and Andy, Brooms,...and a Hippie Memorial!

Nan and I found another small town with murals in Arcola, Illinois. 
Nan had been here before, years ago, and remembered it as the birthplace of Raggedy Ann and Andy's creator, John Gruelle.

The old Opera House.
Unfortunately, a sagging economy brought an end to the Raggedy Ann museum Nan remembered. It has been closed for several years.
Nan peeks in the window of the old museum. They used to have a Raggedy Ann Festival every year.
Poor Raggedy Ann is all alone in the deserted museum.
But there's a mural remembering them.
It tells the story of Raggedy Ann's creation.

This mural remembers a Veteran from Arcola.

This is Amish Country. We went into Yoder's Homestead Shop.
Where Dodger greets all the customers.
Dodger talked me into buying some homemade peanut butter dog treats for Thistle. He offered to demonstrate how much dogs love them.
We found reminders of Raggedy Ann's heritage here...

Yes, they do make brooms here too. Lots of corn grown in this part of the country.
It wasn't the advertising mural but the painted windows that peaked my interest in this wall.
We wandered through an antique shop.
Notice the brick street.
A mural representing the Amish.
And a mural for children.
Route 45 goes right through Arcola.
And this is the Hippie Memorial!

The tall section reflects the Hippie generation...1960s-1980s.
Bottle cap art...
A mural reflecting Arcola's Hispanic population.
We found Raggedy Ann and Andy again at the Tourist Information Center.

Part of the broom collection inside the Information Center.
They had brooms for sale too. Nan bought a new whisk broom.
We also did a driving tour of the surrounding Amish area...ate in their restaurants, visited quilt shops, etc.


  1. Do you remember where the headstone/memorial marker thing is for Mr Gruelle? I went here over 10 years ago with some friends and am taking another trip. Thought it would be fun to see again. Sad that the museum closed. I know this is an old post so I'm not sure you'll even see this message.

  2. I believe the marker was at the Tourist Information Center. Not sure that it is his grave, however.


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