Saturday, October 3, 2015

Indian Kitchen at Lusk Creek Canyon

Nan and I traveled some forest roads into other wilderness areas. We saw 3 deer on what we found out was the first day of hunting season here.
We stopped here to follow a trail to Burden Falls. 
But we gave up after a short way when the trail petered out. It was not the right trail we decided.
 So we continued down the country road.
 And came to a place that is probably Burden Falls with water in the Spring. It was not well marked though.
 Another brown sign directed us to Bell Smith Springs, which has a nice picnic area and a trail.

 A little farther on we passed Griffin Cemetery, circa 1891. The widow wrote to her husband's debtors and gave them his new address...
 Please send your collection notices to him....
After getting directions we found a trailhead to Indian Kitchen in Lusk Creek Canyon. It was a mile and a half into the wilderness to a sharp bend in the creek and a place where archaeological evidence of prehistoric habitation by Native Americans has been found.
 The trail is more frequently used by horses and had a lot of muddy places to navigate around.
 But signs kept encouraging us to press forward.
 When we got to the end of the trail there was a wide place and rope to tie up your horses.
 You had to continue on foot to the bottom of the canyon and creek level to Indian Kitchen. Nan waited while I did that.
 Trail to the canyon.

 Finally I see the cliffs through the trees.
And there's the creek at the bottom.

 Nan says I walked her until the soles came off her shoes. She was lucky to make it back before it fell off completely.
The next day was cold and dreary, so we took a day off from hiking. On to a new adventure tomorrow.

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