Thursday, October 1, 2015

Ligonier, Indiana Murals

When we rode through Ligonier on the way to the Apple Festival during the recent get-together, I noticed some interesting murals on the buildings in this town. So Carol and I decided to return to Ligonier and check them out. 
Unfortunately, many of the stores are empty, but attempts at Urban Renewal are apparent all along the main street.
The many murals depict scenes from the town's history...beginning with the Native Americans who lived here first.
 These murals honor some of the town's "fathers," prominent businessmen.
Notice the will see it later. It was donated to the town in honor of Isaac Cavin's father.
 We came across the Solomon Mier house in town.
The Ligonier Train Depot...1858?

 Boy & Lamb statue.
 Tug of War
Colorful buildings
 "Horse Thief!"
 The Health of Ligonier

 Ligonier businesses...

The Solomon Mier House is now a Bed and Breakfast. He once owned the Carriage company in town. Notice the carriage in the carport.

And remember that old clock? It is in a little park at one end of town.
 Pretty little triangular park.

 We went one block off the main street and went back the other way. Many circa 1800s homes.
 A mural inside the Post Office.
 More murals on the backside of the Main Street buildings.
 War Memorial mural
 And one on the Fire Station

 They make marshmallows here!

 Another little park.
 The official sidewalk greeter...
 The Ligonier Historical Museum is housed in an 1889 Jewish Temple.
 About the Jewish population...

 Along that street...
 Too bad we missed the Marshmallow Festival!

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