Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bodie Island Lighthouse and Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge

After all that hiking over the dunes, we also climbed the Bodie Light.
Bodie Light and Keepers house, now Visitor Center.
It was a gorgeous day for the views we would see from the top.

Here we go...
I always have to take a picture of the spiral staircase.
The name is pronounced "body," and I guess it used to be spelled that way too.

I think Nan is counting the steps.
View of some fresh water ponds below….a stopover for migratory birds.
Looking the other way at Roanoke Sound.
In this direction we can see our campground.
And our RVs.
We were pretty tired, but Nan humored me and came along to see the Pea Island Wildlife Refuge.
Across from the Visitor Center on the Atlantic side there is a shipwreck from the Civil War that can be seen. A Union transport ship ran aground, but the crew was rescued by locals. The Lifesaving Station came later after the war.
Can you see the smokestack sticking out of the waves out there?
Can you see it now?
Circa 1860s shipwreck.
And the waves were pretty impressive here too.

On to the wildlife refuge…there are three large freshwater ponds.
We just hiked one half-mile trail.
Birding would have been better early in the morning.
River otter!
He was pretty far away, so photo is blurry.
Ponds at Pea Island Wildlife Refuge.
We saw some birds…I don't know what this is.
Trail to the observation deck.

One last stop for another photo beside the big tuna.

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