Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Loft Mountain and Jones Run Falls, Shenandoah National Park

We camped at Loft Mountain where the Catbirds call all day.
 Our sites were on the rim, just above the Appalachian Trail.
 The Appalachian Trail below my site.
 Just another busy bee.
 It was a good place to exercise the Dutch Oven.
 I cooked roast pork tenderloin and sweet potatoes…what Vicki and Dave demonstrated for us at the Dutch Oven get-together in Florida. I figured I couldn't mess it up.
 While it was cooking nan and I met a thru-hiker on the Appalachian Trail…on his way to Maine.
 That was once a dream of mine, but I have since crossed it off my bucket list.
 Dinner came out good.
 Later we walked down to watch the sunset from the trail. Can you tell it was windy?
 But it was worth it.
 Sunset from Loft Mountain.
 In the morning, Thistle and I hiked a portion of the Appalachian Trail.
 Morning sunshine through the trees.
Nan and I decided to try a hike to Jones Run Falls…about 3.6 miles round trip.
 Starting out we are all smiles…it's all downhill from the Skyline Drive.
 Nan taking a picture of a switchback.
 There's one stream crossing…easy peasy.
 50 shades of green...
 Interesting to speculate how that rock got wedged in the tree.
 The only wildlife we saw on the trail were millipedes.
 We begin to see some rushing water.
 And through the trees a waterfall.
 I took a lot of pictures of this waterfall, because I thought it was the one we came to see.
 It was not as big as advertised...
 so a little disappointing until...
 I noticed just below it the top of another falls...
 There seems to be several cascades here.
 I could hear it, but not quite see it from the top.
 Continuing down the trail, the Jones Run Falls comes into view.
 There's a switchback in the trail to get below the falls.
 I hope there's no earthquake when I walk past that boulder.
 There it is…Jones Run Falls.
 A 42-foot drop.
 Wildflowers grow on the rocks beside the falls.
 And there are more cascades below it.
 Through the trees on the left you can just make out the big falls. These are downstream.

 A morel mushroom..an edible mushroom prized by gourmet cooks.

We started out about 1000 feet higher in elevation, and now we must return uphill.
 More wildflowers near the falls.
 Ok, here we go…up, up, up.
 Back across the stream.

 We both stopped to rest here.
 And breathe here...
 And lean on a tree here...
 Nailed it!

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