Friday, May 1, 2015

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

On Wednesday, we toured the Cape Hatteras Light Station.
 Not sure if these first steps are included in the 248. If not, then that would make it 257 steps. Did we climb it?
 Yes, we did!
 Some views from the top:
 The Lightkeepers house and museum.
 Surfers at the beach.
 Not my kind of kayaking.
 Most photographed side.
 In the museum was an interesting display of how they had to move the lighthouse in 1999 due to encroachment of the sea. You can see the path they took.
 It took 23 days to complete the move inland.
 Nearby is a WWII British Cemetery. Patrolling British ships were attacked off the coast by German submarines, causing these casualties. There is a similar cemetery in Ocracoke.
 If there aren't enough logs for sunning...
 We ate lunch at Pops Fish House.
 The fresh local Rockfish was very good.
 The locals carry their fishing poles in these racks.
 Sunrise from our sites in Frisco campground.
It was moving day…about an hour's drive north to Nags Head, NC.
I spent the rest of that day in a dentist's office 100 miles away getting a temporary crown for a broken tooth. Will go back next week for the permanent crown. Good dentist, and worked me right in, hardly interrupting the fun.

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  1. Looks like that was a fun stop. Enjoyed the 'hike up' the stairs with you, but could not look down. Looking out is ok, down I'd get jelly knees! The fish looked good.


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