Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Day 8 of the Giant Irish Adventure

In the morning we headed up the street to the kayak rentals. We were all given wet suits, pfds, and heavy sea kayaks with heavy paddles. Then we practiced some maneuvers in the marina. Everyone had to know how to back up because we would need that skill at the sea caves.
Off we go into the harbor. These photos were taken by the guides. I did not even bring my camera.

Me in the blue hat.
There is a man-made tower on the point.
Approaching a sea cave.
We had to back in to the cave, so in case of a large wave coming in, we could easily paddle out.
There I go.
We were told about lobsters and starfish that live along the walls of the cave. Apparently jellyfish live here too.

Inside the dark cave.


Tina putting her sunglasses back on.
We paddled around more rock formations.
Clouds were forming...we headed back.

Some photos are out of order...sorry. This is at the beginning.
I think both guides took pictures, so these must be the second batch.

Ann and her daughter, Danielle.
Just before it started raining.
Later we visited a jewelry shop where some wanted to see a demonstration. You could buy a pendent and have your name engraved with letters from the ancient Ogham alphabet.
I went outside to watch the birds in the harbor.
It was low tide.

Ducks...don't know what kind.
Tina and I opted for a horseback ride into the hills.
Meeting our horses.

Tina and me.
Off we go...

Through farm land.

we came to a lovely viewpoint.

And paused there for photos.
Then we turned around and went back.

Sheep farmer and his dog, herding the sheep.

On the way back to Dingle we passed this flock of Northern Gannets diving for fish. The smaller Skellig Island has a huge colony of Gannets...second largest in the world.
They are quite impressive when they torpedo into the water. Click the video to watch the action.
And that was the end of Day 8.

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