Friday, September 25, 2015

Indiana Get-togethers and Adventures

When I left Tina's I headed to Indiana for two upcoming RV Women Get-togethers. I had a few days, so I stopped for a couple nights at Springs Valley Recreation Area...a free campground on a secluded lake in the Hoosier National Forest. You can see my lakeside site.
Thistle and I hiked partway on the trail that goes around the lake. This view is from the dam. The lake has three long "fingers" to explore by kayak.
There was fog on the lake at sunrise.

Thistle and I decided it would be kind of cool to kayak through the mist...
 So we did! What did we see?
 A deer wading in the lake to get a morning drink.
 And later he emerged from the woods again...right beside us! He was a pretty 6-point buck. I hope he survives hunting season.
 This Belted Kingfisher thought he was hiding from me.
 There were wading birds...this is a Killdeer.
 And flying birds...a hawk, and also saw Cormorants.
 A Great Blue Heron...and there were turtles too.
 The trail is multi-use. Today there are horses using it.
 Then it was on to Rockville for the first Get-together to tour the Parke County Covered Bridges. L to R: Roberta, Sarah, Claudia, me with Sue behind us, Carol, Sue's friend Brenda, and Cheryl. Sue is the one who organized both Indiana Get-togethers.
We didn't see nearly all the bridges, but we saw long ones and short ones.
 Some were walk-through only.
 Others you could drive through. But they were all painted and labeled the same way.
We took a break to walk dogs at the campground and have lunch here. No bail money was needed.
 Then we went back out to see more bridges. This one by Bridgeton Mill was my favorite.
 We learned what this is...Milo, after someone Googled it. It is grown primarily as a feed crop.
Then it was on to Shipshewana in Amish Country for the second Get-together. Others joined us there. 
An Amish farm was next to the campground, so this was our view from our sites.
 Sue made this campsite sign.
We had 12 in all at this GTG. Back Row: Nan, Eileen, Sarah, Sue, Carol, Roberta, Claudia, Tina, and Kathy. Front: Me, Brenda, and Cheryl. I met a lot of new-to-me members at this GTG.
Melissa, Phoenix, and granddaughter, Chezza came for a day too, but weren't there for the whole group picture.
 Tina explaining to Chezza how to hold shy Remi.
There was an Apple Festival in the town of Nappanee, so we went to that. The town has painted apples along their streets.

 And the Post Office has a carved eagle.
We checked out the 7-foot diameter apple pie. A special oven was built to accommodate the pie pan.
 Lots of Amish families were in town for the festivities. There were carnival-type rides and lots of vendors of food and crafts.
 On our last full day (Thursday) 4 of us went kayaking at  Stone Lake which Sue found for us. Claudia wanted to try out Nan's inflatable which Nan was selling.
It looks good on her.
 I think she likes it!
 Tina in her Sea Eagle, although she may soon become a Hornbeck owner too.
 This canal leads to a quiet part of the lake.
 Tina, Nan, and Claudia
 Nan in her Hornbeck boat.
 Claudia was convinced and now owns the Advanced Elements Inflatable.
 On Friday when everyone broke camp, Nan and I drove all of about 25 miles to visit the RV/MH Hall of Fame Museum in Elkhart. We'll camp here free overnight.
 There are a few old campers on display outside.
 This one was lived in by the original owner from 1948 until 2013!

 Inside the museum...I especially liked looking at the oldest of campers.
 This is the inside of a 1913 "Earl" Travel Trailer pulled by a Model T Ford.
The oldest travel trailer in the world.
 this "truck" camper had the first slide-outs.
Photos of it in use.
 This is a 1931 Model AA Ford Housecar.
 It is believed to have been custom made by an unknown carriage maker and woodworking artist. The floors are yellow pine, and the cabinetry and interior is oak and yellow poplar. Note the pot-belly stove on the left.
 Driver and passenger seats.

All of the rest of my pictures came out blurry...I must have been moving my camera. This is Nan helping Poker Annie with her cards. 
And I did make sure Nan took a picture of me too.

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  1. Looks like a wonderful time. I think you would also enjoy the Jack Sizemore RV Museum in Amarillo TX. It's free and has a number of unique RVs.


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