Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Day 9 of the 12-day Giant Irish Adventure

On Day 9 we started with a trip to Killarney National Park.

We toured the park by bicycle.
It started out level and easy riding. It was a beautiful day.
Our first stop was to see a cave.
Entering the cave.

Good thing we were wearing helmets!
And out a different exit.
Our second stop was beside a lake.

Another way to tour the park...

From here there will be hills to climb...

No resting here...
Now we get off the bikes to walk to a waterfall.

Torc Waterfall
My face is a little red from the exertion. I haven't ridden a bicycle in many years.

Back to the starting point.
Tina skipped the bike ride and toured the estate.

We walked through the gardens.
Next we joined the Ring of Kerry Scenic Route. We stopped beside this bridge over the River Laune for a picnic lunch.
We passed through Killorglin, home of the Goat fair.
An old iron bridge.
Our Vagatron can really go off route. Dee did have to disconnect the trailer and leave it behind for this road though.
We bumped along a rocky track to the top of a mountain for some beautiful views.

There are sheep up here.

Want to ride back down with us? Click on the video.
Our next stop was another castle.

This was a great one to play in and use your imaginations.

Tina got right to it.

The view

And then another ancient Ring Fort
There are two forts here.
We went to see one of them.

Notice the wall on one side is taller.
Entering the fort. There is a smaller ring inside.
Climbing the walls.

Tina watching where her feet go.
You can see the second fort from here.
Passed this on our drive...forgot its significance.
We overnighted in the fishing village of Portmagee.

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